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    sudden color oversaturation in lightroom


      I have used Lightroom for several years without issues. I currently have Lightroom 6, and my monitor is calibrated with the Spyder 5 Express, on a Windows operating system. I recently had all of my pictures edited of a maternity photo shoot with my red headed niece. Everything looked great, all I had to do was one final look through on all of the pics before I exported them and gave them to her. Yet, when I opened Lightroom her hair looked orange. all of the colors were way oversaturated. Now every picture in my folders and on my old Lightroom 3 (which I still have on my desktop, but never used) are oversaturated and almost glowing in neon colors. I have updated Lightroom 6, I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it. I don't understand what happened? Please help?