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    Rendering Multiple Comps

    BritMorph Level 1

      Tricky to explain, but hopefully clear enough and would be a huge workflow helper.


      I have one Master Comp with lots of little precomps layed out inside (think of a big bank of tv screens). Now the master comp is the layout and is where all the work happens and the info is transferred to the mini comps (wont go into that here), but basically the little comps are what each "TV" in this scenario sees.


      Now I need to render out each little TV separately for use.


      Is there ANY way for me not to have to open up each precomp and add it to the render cue every single time I want to change something on the master comp?


      ie. Is there something that will allow me to add all of the precomps to the render cue in one go? Creating a preset of some kind? I don't see an option in the project manager for adding a composition to the render cue from there, otherwise I could have selected them all and added them all in from there in one go?


      Any ideas?