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    Text Disappearing InDesign CC 2017 on MACBOOK PRO


      Text disappears all the time in my InDesign documents.

      This is getting annoying. I thought maybe it was a glitch in my software so I updated to the latest version and it is still happening. As you can see there is text in this text box. It randomly disappears and then partially reappears. This text box is full of text from top to bottom but only the one line in the middle and a couple of lines at the bottom are showing. It is not just with this document or this text box. This has been happening with all kinds of documents.  I have to do all kinds of messing with it to get it to reappear. Sometimes I just have to select all, cut and make a new text box to get it to appear again. Please help!

      Screenshot 2017-04-17 13.40.27.png