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    Lightroom 6 won't start after following Adobe suggestions


      after my PC suffered a power failure whilst closing Lightroom 6 (performing backup) Lightroom won't load.  Initially after the power cut the PC loaded ok and Lightroom started but what looked like a fresh install.  I attempted to load  recent backup but Lightroom just hung.  I followed instructions to delete the 'locked' file and when that did not work followed instructions to delete and reload Visual c++ files, then repair the newer ones.  I have tried uninstalling Lightroom 6 and installing from the original disc, didnt work, and downloaded Lightroom from Adobe which also did not work.

      is there anything else to try before I reload Windows (7) as it seems working with everything else on the PC, just Lightroom won't load.

      I have tried both Lightroom.exe in the folder and the shortcut on the desktop, all that happens is the circle spins for about two seconds then stops.