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    Creating scrolling website in Flash Pro CS4

    kevin_stagg Level 1
      Please see CS4 .fla below:
      CS4 Source File

      I am trying to create the mechanics for a flash-based site. But what happens is the menu buttons, rather than going directly past the other pages of the "site" and jumping to specific point, it scrolls past the other sections as well and THEN stops at the point you want it to.

      So for example if you look in the sample .fla, if you are in section 1(satellite) and press the section 4 (employee) button, the window should scroll past (and be visible to the viewer) - screen 2 (painting), then screen 3 (oil drum) - and THEN stop on screen 4. Then if I'm on Screen 4, and pressed the Screen 2 button, Screen 3 should whiz by the screen, and THEN stop on Screen 2. Make sense?

      How would this work?

      Many thanks.