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    Lightroom 6 keeps failing to load.


      I have been using Lightroom 6 for two years.  After the past upgrade/patch was sent out now I can't load Lightroom.  After the first time last week I found in the forum to do a reinstall.  This worked and I was in. Then I received a upgrade from Adobe Install Manager and it loaded and now I'm not working again.  What the &#** did Adobe put in this update????   I can't find anything on this forum to help me correct the problem.  At first I was getting a missing dll file so I find on here how to replace this dll.  That message went away but it still will not start up.  Getting a new error message (0c000007tb) load error. Not sure what it said now I'm at work and not at home.  Spent 4 hours trying to fix this last night.  Can't find anything to help correct.


      I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to fix my product!  I have photos from Easter weekend that need to be processed ASAP and this is just making me mad.


      Please help ADOBE fix your product!  Running Windows 7.