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    Unable to authorise Flickr plugin


      Evening All,


      Hoping someone can help me with an issue I am having with the Flickr plugin.  Have been happily using this for years, but the other week, it stopped working.  I went to try and publish a couple of pictures (having successfully done so the day before), but I got an error saying that the plugin was not authorised.  I didn't close down the laptop in between, just closing the lid with Lightroom running, might have been the cause).


      In an attempt to solve the problem I have disabled the Flickr plugin in LR.  Now, when I click 'Authorize' in the plugin manager, I get the following dialog:


      LR Flickr 1.PNG

      I'll skip over the fact that Adobe think that re-installing the program is an acceptable way to solve such a problem...  When I click OK on this dialog, nothing happens, and the publishing manager says 'Not Authorized':


      LR Flickr 2.PNG


      I think that clicking 'Authorize' is supposed to open a web page where I login to Flickr - is that right?  I don't get a browser window.  Have tried changing the default browser between Chrome and IE, no difference.  I have removed LR's authorisation from Flickr.  Can anyone suggest anything that might sort this problem?