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    Lightroom support for common video metadata?

    Steven L. Gotz Level 5

      Forgive me if my search capabilities are not up to the task, but even though I see lots of questions about capture date and dimensions, I want to know when Lightroom (and perhaps Photoshop) will be able to show me some of the things I can see in Nikon or Canon software.


      Things like this (from Nikon)


      File Size:           39.3 MB

      Image Size:       1920 x 1080

      Duration: 00:14

      Date Shot:        2017-03-04 14:30:09

      Time Zone and Date:     UTC-8, DST:OFF

      Movie Quality:   1080p/30, High Quality

      Device: Nikon D750

      Lens:    VR 70-200mm f/2.8G

      Focal Length:    180mm

      Focus Mode:     AF-S

      Aperture: f/11

      Shutter Speed:  1/60s


      If Nikon or Canon can see it, why can't Lightroom.


      I am happy to put in a feature request, but I could add to an existing one if someone already has started a movement in that direction.