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      I would love to had some advices from you!

      Currently, I own a Macbookpro 2011 (i7 2,3 12go ram) connected to a 27" display.

      I have 2 importants projects this year and I would like to be more comfortable and efficient. This will be mainly for After Effect, Premiere and Resolve.


      With 2500€, I see 3 options :


      • Imac 5k

      Core i7 quad 4 GHz / 8Go ram / Radeon R9 M390 2 Go — 2659€


      •  Macbook Pro

      Core i7 quad 2,6 GHz / 16Go ram / Radeon Pro 450 2 Go — 2699€

      A bit overpriced, possibility to work on the go (happens 10 times a year for me now)


      • Mac Pro 5.1

      Something like xeon 12 Cores 3.06Ghz, 64Go RAM an a correct graphic card : around 2000-2500€



      What would you do?

      Thank you for your help!


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          the fast 4 core cpu in the imac would be good in general out of those options, as adobe's software sometimes has problems with using lots of cpu cores like the 12 in the mac pro. i would consider all of those machines only good for hd/1080p projects, but they might handle some 4k, and could use the proxy feature in premiere and optimized media/proxy in resolve. if you are planning on using resolve alot for heavy color grading and/or alot of gpu fx in adobe's software, then the mac pro would allow for a more powerful video card. the gpu's in the imac and macbook pro are mid-to-low powered. some people are using external gpu's (thunderbolt) with the imac and macbook pro to use a faster video card, but that can be very pricey and tricky to setup.

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            Thanks a lot RoninEdits.

            In fact, the problem is that Resolve handle greatly multiprocessors and good graphic cards as Adobe loves single processors and don't use much graphic card (which ask me some questions about how "professionnal" are adobe tools...)

            The perfectly efficient Mac based workstation does'n exists... So I have to choose whitch part of my activity I would optimize... Not exactly what I woud expect!

            Maybe I will continue a bit with my MacBook Pro and wait for the maybe iMac Pro...!