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    Why is Lightroom CC not importing some photos?


      I have a Mac OS X El Captain version 10.11.6 and the Latest download of Lightroom CC.

      Overtime if Upload photos to be imported there is always a few photos  for some that are not being able to be imported into Lightroom.  This does not make any sense.  I see there is not n option on this page to attach the screen shot I made of the import results from yesterday.

      So I will just stage what came up:


      These files could not be imported

      - items 1-100

      - items  101-220

      - items 201-300

      items 301-388


      A couple of weeks ago I had my Computer guru come to my house to see to a couple of things and I mentioned this to him and he did a repair of Lightroom permissions.  Unfortunately from yesterdays import problem - the issue has not be rectified.


      Please advise