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    Floating Circles on a moving background


      Hi all,


      Does anyone know how this person did the effect in this video at 0.41? I'm fairly new to AE but I know the basic and have used motion tracking before. Thanks for your help!



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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          1. track the camera (you might want to do a better job than the video by eliminating the movement of the players)

          2. create stroked circles

          3. use the shatter effect

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I would motion track the player and attach a null to the player, then use that as the parent of the flame effect.


            I would motion stabilize the layer to take out all camera movement then add in the circles and apply shatter (you'll have to learn how to animate the force and position of the force to time the shatter effect).


            Then I would motion track the ball and apply that motion to another null to make it the parent of the first null to pull the ball from the kick to the goal.


            When you get all of the movement correct you then add a third null, tie the position of the null to the Anchor Point of the Motion Stabilized layer, then parent all of the layers to the third null. This will put the motion back in the footage and add the motion of the camera to all of the other layers.