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    import aliased swf into AE

    bluebeezle Level 1

      Hey guys,

      The process at our studio could be a lot more flexible if the animations we did in Flash (Animate), exported as swfs, could be imported into After Effects aliased. In Flash Player, if I right click and select low quality, I can see a version of the file that is aliased. Is there any way to view an imported swf aliased?


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No. AE has no control over internal variables in an SWF and for that matter its player engine, which ultimately is what this setting does. AE only ever sees an SWF container and rasterizes it at maximum resolution and quality. You can of course use the AE layer quality switch to suppress AE's own sub-pixel rendering, but that's not exactly the same as controlling the Flash engine.