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    My BelArc  Report say there is a security problem Creative Cloud Application


      I do NOT have this product. BelARc Says to Contact Adobe for a workaround! I need to fix the error in order get the green check to reappear  in the report. How can I update something that I don't have on my system and something I don't pay for. I see I can't attach the BelArc report but anyone who knows how to get around the security error can email <Removed by Moderator> - I am in Florida in the Eastern USA   I use Windows 7 Professional 64 bit and have not experienced this problem before. The BelArc people do not know what to do - I sent them a copy of the report. Does anyone have a valid email address for the company which I can get  a  real tech to help. support@adobe.com is an non attended address so it is no good. SOS please help !