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    Flash Workflow with 3rd Parties

      I have created a .flv with the intention of making it available for progressive download from a standard web server. I publish my .fla and create the default .html and .swf files and they work just fine on my website and local machine while testing the application and playing the .flv file. My challenge is packaging up this application for a third party web designer to use who some has familiarity with .html and does not have any flash experience. Is there any easy way to prepare flash for hand off to a third party and make it easy for them to post and play the files on their web server ? Does anyone have an example of an easy way to make the files play independently without knowing the path of the destination web server in advance ?
      What question would I want to ask the third party to make sure I get the path of their web server correct ? would it be something like public/ ?
      I tried to do this as well and then my application no longer worked as the path did not reflect the actual location of my .flv file.... I am sooo confused.
      I think I am struggling to ask this question correctly. Any help in making my .flv more portable with limited knowledge of their final destination path would be greatly appreciated.