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    Question about skinning an HSlider

      I just started to learn Flex, and so far I think it's great. I need to add a custom skin to an HSlider. This is what I have done so far:

      1. I copied the AeonGraphical.fla src file, and copied the H and V Slider flash objects out of it and put them into a new .fla
      2. I customized the look and feel of the various parts of the slider, then exported them as a .SWC file
      3. I imported the new .SWC file into my Flex project
      4. I checked to make sure that the new CSS is availabe (and it is)

      When I run my Flex project, I don't see the new skin applied to the slider. I also get warnings that the "CSS Type Selector" HSliderThumb, HSliderTrack, etc... (basically all of my new styles) are not used in the application.

      How do I apply these new styles to <mx:HSlider /> ?

      Thanks for any suggestions.