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    How can I add multiple text blocks across a video with consistent style


      I am making a video showing my activity over twenty days. On the clip for each day I want the days date in the top-left corner. To avoid distracting the viewer I want to ensure that all of the dates are the same size, color, font, location, etc.


      At first I set up everything perfectly and then copied the text clip and started editing the copies. But of course they are linked, so when I change the text of one I change the text of all.


      How can I unlink the text blocks? I've heard that "New Title Based on Current" is the magic trick but I cannot find that in Premier Elements 15.


      I can see that there can sometimes be advantages to having text blocks linked, but there also needs to be a way to create multiple text blocks that can have different text. I would be okay with the styles being linked (that would be excellent!) but having the contents of the text boxes linked is driving me a little bit crazy.


      All I want is "April 3rd", then "April 4th", and so on, in a consistent location in the top-left corner.


      Any hints on how to make this work?