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    Embedding Word online to a pdf??


      I work for a company that summarizes patient medical records into one giant paper ( now pdf's ) and recently my company has switched to using adobe acrobat and Microsoft word to put all the files together. Long story short, i created a large PDF file with hundreds of pages and in that PDF i have a table of contents with hyperlinks that will take you directly to a certain page. When i upload this file to my company's network sharing website, the hyperlinks don't work. I assume it is the companies fault because their web PDF file viewer doesn't let you click hyperlinks. They want the doctor to be able to click the file i upload, and view it from their website PDF viewer. They don't want him to have to download and open it up ( i know its dumb)


      Anywho, another co worker of mine, which happens to be someone from India that i have no contact with was able to upload his PDF file to our website, and when you view his PDF, instead of opening on a the normal website PDF viewer, it opens Microsoft word online. It doesn't open a new tab it opens it in my company's website. It shows like a normal PDF, but right above the top of the PDF it says Word online. His hyperlinks work because he was somehow able to make his PDF open from word online and still be on my companies website. I inspected his PDF file and noticed on the properties of his PDF, it says his PDF producer was itextsharp while mine is just normal adobe acrobat. I assume this has something to do with how he was able to make the PDF open like it was opening on word online. I can supply a picture to better explain this if needed.

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          Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

          Hi jordanj69736249,



          Sorry for the delay in response.

          It is very hard to comment on this. It depends on when a user is opening the file in a browser and which app/extension they are using to render the PDF file within a browser. Most of the browsers these days doesn't use Adobe technology (Reader ) to view PDF's like Google chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.


          Not sure about the workflow about your colleague in India. You might have to check with the vendor who has designed the solution which displays the records.


          -Tariq Dar.