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    Deleted Premiere Clip projects reappear and duplicate themselves. How do I prevent this from happening?

    Agedbedcrab Level 1

      My problem is not with ALL my projects, but with specific ones.


      Whenever I attempt to delete certain projects on my device, they return approximately 1 second after they are deleted. One project specifically will make a copy of itself whenever I delete it, causing me to end up with two projects that cannot be deleted. They are begining to take up a lot of space in the screen where I would normally select which project to work on, and there is more broken, blank projects than there is real projects.


      Working with the application is becoming increasingly difficult with all the searching I have to do for my actual projects.


      I have tried uninstalling/re-installing the application. Also, this is the only device I have ever installed it on.


      My device is an HTC M10 running Android 7.0

      Application is Adobe Premiere Clip Version


      As you can see in the screenshot, all of these projects ( there are in reality 6 of them, however, only three are visible in this picture ) are blank and are all from the same time. Once deleted, they return immediately.