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    PS CS6 Images blurry on browsers, crisp everywhere else


      I've run into a big problem after years of using Photoshop without any issue: My crisp, pixel perfect images are showing blurry on browsers (tested on up-to-date Chrome and Firefox, caches cleared.)


      Below is a side-by-side comparison of what I'm talking about. Viewed in browser is left, the same image file viewed on Windows Photo Preview is on the right. The example image's file size is very small at under 5KB even as a transparent PNG.



      Saving to Web, minimizing file size, and trying 72dpi - 300dpi all do not work. GIF, JPEG, and PNG files all appear blurry on my browsers, but crystal clear on Photoshop and everywhere else on my computer. Browser zoom is at the default 100%. Other browser images are fine and crisp, only my own Photoshop-saved images are blurred. The blurriness is exacerbated the smaller the file size is.


      Can anyone help? I do a lot of work that relies on crisp edges, and trying to find a solution on my own has been driving me nuts for weeks! This problem suddenly happened without anything to prompt it. I am sure there is just a CS6 setting that is causing this, but I haven't been able to find it if it exists.


      Please help and thank you very much for any suggestions! I wasn't sure how to reach Adobe Support so let me know if there is a separate support channel.