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    Flash Player is Enabled but Adobe says it is Disabled



      I have been having a problem ever since windows 10 downloaded the most recent windows 10 creators update. On one of my programs that I do, it gives me an error message that says this

      Your device can't view this content

      The instructional content is either not supported or the appropriate plug-in is not installed. Please install the plug-in or view the content from a supported device to ensure you have reviewed all instructional material.

      This has never happened to me before. I saw this as a windows problem so I had tech support from windows team controlling my computer and they opened up internet explorer and it worked fine. They said that for some reason, my adobe flash player is not working. I enabled it and disabled several times and it says that it is enabled. I know it is because I get flash player messages saying that I need to unblock a page. Then when I go into Adobes page and test my flash player, it says that it is disabled. I have tried all the trouble shooting stuff and nothing works. I have an RCA Cambio 2 in 1 tablet. I run windows 10 the newest version, and my adobe flash player version is and I use Microsoft edge as my browser. Is there any way that I can either update the flash player to the newest version because internet explorer has the newest version but edge doesn't or can I find a setting in my control panel to enable it?

      Thank you,