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    Windows Creative Update and Latest Version of Lightroom


      Hello all!

          I"m pretty confident that my machine isn't the problem....


      Intel i-4790k

      Nvidia 1080 8gb

      32gb ram


        Please correct me if I'm wrong. I recently got upgraded to the latest version of windows, the creative update. I've noticed that Lightroom is quite laggy during the export of the JPEG's. To the point, that it actually slows my machine down in other apps while I try to multitask. Can anyone confirm this so that I don't lose my mind trying to solve it if it's just a matter of waiting for an update?


      Just to note,. I've tried all the common things to do to speed up lightroom, upgraded to an ssd drive for the operating system, upgraded the drive that the photos are stored on seperately to an ssd. I've adjusted the cache to 40gb in Lightroom, and placed that on the SSD drive the photos are stored on, I've enabled and disabled the GPU preferenance.


        Thanks for you time and appreciate ANY input!