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    Dev Cert about to expire - will my app stop working?


      Please note that I'm inheriting the current setup, I didn't set any of this up myself, so I'm trying to roll with the punches. Thanks


      As the title mentions, I have a provision profile linked to my PhoneGap App (iOS, internal app for the company, not posted on the App Store) which is set to expire several months from now. Additionally I have two Apple Developer Certificates (as found in the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles page at developer.apple.com), one which is about to expire next week and one that is set to expire several months from now. I want to make sure that my app won't stop working next week if it happens to have been developed with the Developer Certificate which is about to expire next week. Note - the app is already installed on the devices we want it running on, so I just want to make sure it won't stop working on those devices.


      TL;DR - if the developer certificate and/or the provisioning profile linked to a PhoneGap app expire, does the app stop working on the iOS devices it's already installed on?


      Thanks so much!