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    Barrier-free pdf: export from indesign CC to pdf



      I have a question concerning the export / print form InDesign CC to pdf. I want to create a barrier-free brochure with charts. I have added alternativ texts to the charts, which are related illustrator files.

      Unfortunately, after export, the screenreader in pdf does not only read the alternative text of a chart but it reads all text marks at the x- and y-axis (e.g. every single year of the x-axis) in the chart too, which is completely unnecessary. As a workaround, I would create a separate InDesign file for barrier-free online-publication, export all charts to png, change the relates of the charts from the illustrator files to the png-files.

      But this is a lot of extra work, which I would like to avoid. In particular, as there are still changes pending, which I would have to consider twice then. Also, I would like to have the vector graphics in the pdf.

      How can i export the pdf with keeping the related illustrator files, but with the screen reader reading the alternative texts only?

      Thank you very much for a solution!