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    setting mouse coordinates ?

      Hi all,

      I have some trouble when I do the following :
      I have an AIR app with a mx:html component. The page inside this control is a swf (a custom youtube player)
      This application runs in FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE mode.
      The application works fine ... as long as I do not move the mouse. If I try to make any simple animation (rollover, drag and drop, or even custom cursor), any simple user interaction, my swf flickers so much I have to close my eyes !
      I think this is a bug, as I saw in a previous post, and I hope it will be solved soon.

      Now, I am trying to find a workaround.
      * I run in FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE mode because I aim at building an application for very young kid, so I want to prevent them from clicking outside the program. I do not want them to click on the taskbar or whatever.
      * If I run the same application in normal mode, but maximized, no more flickering, it works like a charm. But of course, any kid-user can click outside the app, or even close it.

      To avoid this, I tried to capture the mouseOut event, to prevent the cursor from exiting the app window. I can capture the event but I did not find any way to prevent the cursor from exiting : I did not find any way to set the mouse coordinated via actionscript. Has anyone already achieved to do this ?

      Sorry for this long post, I think it is important you understand why I want to "trap" the user into my app :)