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    Very slow site loading in the browser

    patrick from hamburg Level 1



      I have created a site for a client in Muse 2015.2., now switched to 2017.

      It is already online. Unfortunately the loading time is up to 50 sec to 2 minutes or more. My client complaines!

      And often the loading isn’t complete – some Images and songs in the audioplayer are compleatly loaded…


      The browser loads ALL MP3 FILES AT ONCE by entering the site – but it only should load the song I click!


      When I open the site on my brand new MacbookPro with Muse 2017 and upload everything again,

      the loading took longer than before,

      doesn’t matter if I upload  the Site to BC or to the 1+1 Server….

      doesn’t matter if load the Side in Safari or Firefox…

      doesn’t matter if I reduce the amount of breakpoints.


      And the upload takes up to very long 10 minutes.


      When I test upload the site leaving away/erasing  audioplayers with the mp3 (the biggest data) then

      the loading takes about 5 seconds.

      How is it possible, to show the mp3 on the site without such (way too long) loadingtime?


      I’m using a MacbookPro 2,7 GhZ intel Core i7, 16 GB, Sierra 10.12.2

      A friend of mine said that the code is too big. I’m not into coding (that’s why I’m using MUSE).


      Can anyone please help me, to reduce the loading/or the loading order time?


      Here’s the one-page-site:  beaterysopp.de



      Best regards