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    Problems with Changing Font Color in Acrobat Pro XI (PeeCee)


      As described in a related "PDF Page Size" message thread, I am needing to change the font color of all - or a specified range of - pages within a 200-page PDF file, from dark grey to black.  As stated in that separate thread:


      In experimenting with changing the font color in a fully-justified three-column text document, in Acrobat Pro XI, I am having disappointing results.  The 9-point Times New Roman text is already solid black, but when I select an entire column of text and then re-select the black color swatch, the text *slightly* changes size and completely re-flows itself - which not only leaves "orphan" en-dashes between syllables of hyphenated words, but also causes the document to lose its exactness of layout compared to the original.


      It is difficult to me to characterize this behavior as anything but a program bug, but regardless of how one chooses to categorize it, I would hope that it has been fixed in Acrobat Pro DC.  Does the latter program still exhibit this behavior?


      In any case, even if one is willing to accept the undesired font re-sizing, does Acrobat Pro XI have the ability to change the font color of *all* pages within a given document, in one pass, or does the procedure have to be applied one page at a time?


      What about Acrobat DC?


      Thanks!  markt