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    Checking cards - suspected duplicates.


      Hi - I used to check all sd cards before formatting by hitting import and seeing them grey out and showing as 0 files.  Now it looks happy to insert files until I cancel and ask it to import again before it recognises that the files already exist in LR.  Any suggestions?  Just taking so much longer to check and format used cards and never feeling I completely trust it.  Thanks


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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          Hi arisaigfh,


          This sounds very strange to me. Can I confirm your process?


          1. You insert the card and choose "Import" in Lightroom.

          2. You have selected the option "Don't import suspected duplicates."

          3. All images appear to be ready to import (no duplicates detected, no greyed out images).

          4. You cancel the import, but leave the card plugged in.

          5. You choose "Import" again (no other actions taken), and now you see the suspected duplicates are greyed out.


          Is this correct?



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            arisaigfh Level 1



            Thanks for replying.  Yes - exactly as you described.


            Bottom left hand corner shows number of shots and size which then (after Cancel, import) goes to 0,0.



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              arisaigfh Level 1

              Only thing I can think of is that I am switching between catalogs more now. 


              Always open the correct catalog for card - it just worked when I checked the 2nd card for the same job.  1st card I had to import, cancel - 2nd card (same catalog, same job) greyed out straight away - it's not done that for a while.


              Don't know if this helps