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    FlashLite doubt...

      Hi there...
      i saw in the Device Central that just certain amount of Nokias can run my swf application.
      How can i make the "other nokias" run it too?
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          Walter Elias Level 2
          Not all Nokia phones are Symbian phones, and many of them such as my N93, run Flash Lite 1.1. Apparently later versions of Flash Lite can be installed into Symbian phones, but I haven't tried it, and I assume most other users wouldn't even know there's such an option. So the simple answer is, your application should be compiled as Flash Lite 1.1 format.
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            Leo_1975 Level 1
            Hey Walter,
            Thanks for the reply.
            Another question, those ones with flash lite 1.1 can upgrade to flash lite 2.0 player???