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    Converting animated (Animate cc) files into svg for web content


      Hello! I have made a simple animation in Animate cc and wanted to convert it to an svg file, so It could be used for a website. I have followed all the tutorials and other pieces of information and have dowloaded the SnapSVG plug in and also, an extension, which lets me export svg animation, but so far none of this worked for me.


      I've also created a simple hover code in Animate cc, so when the mouse hovers on the image it starts moving.


      I would just like to ask for some help in how to make this work for me? Is it still possible to have the svg file perfectly working with the mouse hover effects that I've created in flash? And how can I export it or have the right code for the entire thing to work on the website.


      To make it more clear I have attached a zip file with the files that I have worked on, if you got the time to look at it, then that would make me very very happy!


      The link to the zip file: Flash image hover animation.zip - Google Drive