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    Wacom drawing tablet - pen lag on sliders in Lightroom CC due Windows Ink




      I have the following problem with my windows-tablet-adobe compatibility:

      When I try to select a slider in the basic panel, for instance, nothing happens for about 2 seconds and then finally jumps to a high value, from that moment I can move the slider normally (until I relase the slider).If I move the slider with with my mouse, it is fine. Taps work ok as well so I can tap somewhere in the slider scale and it will jump to there - it just won't pick up the slider and move smoothly.

      I did some research on the internet to find a fix, and it seems the issue comes from "Windows Ink", if this option gets deactivated the sliders works fine, but I loose the pen pressure functionality.


      Is there any solution to fix this problem without loosing pen pressure functionality?

      Tablet: Wacom One M