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    HELP Undo Button Moves Drawing to New Layer


      Hi, I'm new to Photoshop and I have a problem. Every time I undo with Option Command Z I see 2 cursor arrows and when I move my 2 cursors and stop, it moves my drawing to a new layer. It's really annoying and I wish to disable it. Thank you for help.

      P.S. Im using Photoshop CC 2017 on a MacBook Pro with a new Wacom Intuos Draw Tablet and one of the keys mapped to Option Command Z (Which works but like I said it also moves my drawing to a new layer)

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          undo with Option Command Z

          To clarify, in Photoshop, Cmd Z is Undo and Cmd Opt Z is Step Backward. (The difference is that Cmd Z is a toggle between undo/redo, and Cmd Opt Z lets you back up through your history panel).


          Invoking either one once will take a single step back, and if the last thing you did was move an object to a new layer, then either one will move the object back. If that wasn't the last thing you did, I wonder if you are backing up multiple steps without knowing it. Here's how to find out:

          1. Window > History
          2. With one eye on the History panel, add three separate brush strokes to the page. Each stroke shows up as step in the History panel.
          3. Tap the key you mapped to step backward. Each time you tap it, you should back up one step in the History panel and remove one brush stroke. Nothing should be changing layers unless that was part of your history.


          If I'm guessing incorrectly, a screen shot with the History and Layers panel open would be very helpful.

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            Barbara, it sounds like the OP has the move tool selected, and is moving the layer with the Alt (Opt) key help down, so copying the layer.  The Two cursor arrows and Copies to new layer sound like the clues to me.


            Beagle, to use multi-undo leave the mouse alone, and press Ctrl Alt Z as many times as needed.

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              TheBeagleMaster Level 1

              Yes that was the problem. So no matter what I have to not touch(click or drag)the screen while undoing??