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    Looking for a Page Swap Script


      Hi all -


      I was wondering if anyone has come across a page swap script. Something simple that will popup a dialogue box and you can enter 2 pages to switch locations (without changing the location of any other pages). I don't really know much about scripting at all, so I wasn't sure if it was even possible but I did I find the below from a few years ago (from indiscripts):


      function swapPages(p0, p1)


      if (p0 == p1) return true;


      var pages = app.activeDocument.pages;


      var pg0 = pages.itemByName(''+p0); // force string argument

      var pg1 = pages.itemByName(''+p1); // force string argument


      if ( pg0.documentOffset > pg1.documentOffset ) return swapPages(p1,p0);


      try {



        return true;


      catch(ex) {return false;}



      // usage:



      This works great but the issue is it will only swap the 2 pages listed at the end (28 and 34). Was wondering how difficult would it be to adjust this to create a dialogue box when you run it, and choose the pages you want to swap.

      Thanks in advance!