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    Help with flash upload applet. Will not work correctly in Mac broswers. PC browsers are fine

      I have a custom made flash upload applet to go into my main application. It allows users to queue up a large amount of files and upload them all at once. The system works great on all PC browsers. However, on Mac browsers, it doesn't work properly. The first file gets stuck and is never completed. Here is the even more frustrating part: it works on the original coders server on my Mac, but not on my server where I need it to.

      Original Coder's Sever

      Our Server

      I could really use some help here. My coder doesn't have a Mac so it is making it impossible to fix. I was hoping some people here might have some insight.

      Here is the source and compiled code.

      Flash Uploader Files

      Again, I really really appreciate any help. This is holding up the project and no one on my team can seem to figure it out. Thanks!