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    Indesign Interactivity Options




      I am making an interactive manual and I am trying to figure out how to make it, as in which programs and file formats to pursue. I also need to have an interactive/digital version as well as printed version.



      I could make it in InDesign, but it needs interactive features, nothing too complicated, but tooltips would be nice, as well as a question/answer portion. Can I import flash or muse or adobe edge into indesign and export in a way that doesn't require any third party software? I know once I figure out that the importing question, I could use alternate layouts to solve some of the print vs. interactive version issues.


      Also, in its digital state, it needs to be viewed on the company's app, which does read pdf and html, but other formats kind be buggy. I could also make in in Muse, but that seems like a huge endevour for a 200 plus page document AND I need to have a printed version too. And there is a good chance that this document will be revised throughout its lifespan.


      If anyone has any suggestions on how to pursue this it would be greatly appreciated. I know InDesign extremely well; Muse at intermediate level, and I have no problem spending the time to learn Flash or Edge Animate (or CC Animate). I just want to know what to spend my time learning. I also have an okay knowledge of HTML and CSS, but I don't consider myself a coder.


      Thanks in advance.