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    Is it possible to import an Excel workbook into an existing .pdf?



         I'm editing an existing .pdf file and would like to import an Excel workbook as several new pages.  I can import .xls(x) files to the .pdf, but only one new page is created and it shows whichever tab/page of the Excel workbook was open when the workbook was saved.  That means I have to open the workbook in Excel, choose a different tab, save it and close Excel, and then import it to the .pdf file in Acrobat for each page.  I've found if I use the Acrobat tab in Excel, I can export the entire workbook as a single .pdf and then import that file to my existing .pdf, but that is still a longer and more complicated process than I would prefer.  Is there a way to import the entire workbook as several new pages?  I'm currently using the trial version of Acrobat to determine if it will meet my needs and only have until Friday, April 21 before it expires, so I would certainly appreciate an answer by that time.


      Thank you