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    Smart object issue

    mahmouda7124332 Level 1

      Hello everyone.

      I have been dealing with Adobe Photoshop CC for years and with it's smart object.

      I used to make in the smart object more than a 10 layers maybe more.

      Recently i have been facing an issue, every time i save it gives me message stating "

      Can't save this document back to its original format.

      Flatten layers and discard extra data as necessary and choose

      File > Save again."

      Yep i flatted the layers and it worked but what is the use of the smart object So ?

      I tried to place embedded and still the same, same goes with Linked.

      I need help please.

      P.s: this went with other CC and CS.

      P.s: tried the update all modified content.











      PS:Thus this the issue am facing.