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    A Photoshop hue-shifting eyedropper script




      I tried Googling and searching here but can't find the following:


      I would like a button or menu/checkmark or something, that when enabled, anytime I use

      the eyedropper to pick a color, it also sets that color - with a slight hue shift - as the background color.


      If you use PS, you probably already know that normally you'd have to press "X" to switch

      to the background color and you then would have to manually select another color,

      something I want to automate.


      If you wanna know why;

      The idea is for digital paintings I have brushes that use the "Color Dynamics" options based on

      the brush' foreground and background color and (Wacom) pen pressure,

      but I don't want the default black or white to be the brush' background color or every time have to manually

      pick both my foreground and background colors.


      Anybody know a script (CC or CS6+) or how I can do it, either of the 2 following ways?:

      - Just the button or menu/checkmark with no options (using a fixed color shift % that's hard coded)

      - A panel where I can select the amount of HSL (hue, lightness, saturation) shift

      the background color should get compared to the selected foreground color.


      Would really appreciate someone with an idea of who can point me in the right direction.