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    Lightroom no longer syncs with mobile "Trial Ended" but I am a CC subscriber


      I have a CC subscription for photography (Photoshop & Lightroom).  I recently created a collection and synced it between my desktop and Lightroom Mobile.  It synced some of the images then stopped.  Now I have a notification in the Desktop Lightroom that says "Lightroom Mobile Trial Expired." 


      I've been browsing the forums and have not found a recent solution for this issue that actually resolves the problem.  Here are the facts:


      • iMac running LR and PS
      • Android Tablet running the LR Mobile app
      • Photography subscription for LR and PS is in good standing
      • Passwords are consistent and entered correctly
      • All software and apps up to date
      • Have restarted the desktop app and mobile app as well as the CC interface


      Please help!  I really don't know what else to do and cannot find any relevant or recent support in the forums or in a web search that resolves this issue.  It appears to be a dead end.