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    alternate texts: showing by mouse-over / reading on request


      I have a problem with the creation of barrier-free pdf files from InDesign CC and was now referred here from the InDesign forum. I have a brochure laid out in InDesign CC with about 60 diagrams. These are created as eps files and embedded in InDesign as a link. If I export the InDesign file to pdf, the alternate text is correctly exported (it appears in the tags) and read by the screenreader. But the alternate text is not displayed on mouse-over (in contrast to when I use png / jpg files for the diagrams; then mouse-over works). Also, the screen reader does not read the text when I click directly on the diagram (neither for eps nor for png / jpg); it only says "empty".

      How can I display the alternative text and read it on request?
      Thank you very much!


      I work on a windows 7 Pro 64bit machine.