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    Semi transparent object, is it possible?

    trevreav Level 1

      Hi, I'm very new to Animate - so be gentle with me please!!


      I have all of the illustrations prepared in Illustrator which I'm importing through CC library into Animate.


      I'm trying to get something to animate with movement and a change of transparency if possible. Imagine a bull running with steam coming out of it's nose, so appearing quickly from 0% opacity to about 75% opacity and back again.


      Is this possible in Animate?


      Many thanks.

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          macpawel Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, off course,


          First start to change your graphic into e symbol. If you don't plan to add any interactivity - use Graphic Symbol in this case.


          Select your symbol in timeline window and use right mouse buton to turn it into a Tween. Select Create Motion Tween options.

          Go to last frame (your tween probably is 24 frames long - your Frame Rate settings) - maybe 24 select symbol on Stage and chage it's opacity in Properties Panel to 75%. Finally go to first frame and change Opaity to 0%


          You can adjust length of your animation (speed) by dragging last frame of your Tween in timeline



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            trevreav Level 1

            Marvellous, and thanks very much fro the info - That's the sort of thing I would have expected, but I wasn't converting it to a symbol.


            Many thanks and have a good day.