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    Unable to start CF application


      Hi all,

      We are having the problem that the website on a CF9 Instance-server will not start.

      As far as I can see in the system-logs, the CF-engine as such starts fine, but we get no response from our application, and nothing in our application-logs.



      We have some CF9-installations running on very old Windows servers. We are in the process of migrating to newer Windows-servers.

      One server is a one-website server (non-Instance). This application starts just fine on the new migrated-to server.

      The server that should run 5 websites on a CF Instance-server, will not start the application, but on the old server it runs just fine.



      We are having the IIS as a front-end, and forward to the different CF-web-sites based on different URLs.
      We have checked that *.cfm-documents are at top of the Documents-list, and that the Handler for '.cfm-files points to the correct dll (C:\JRun4\lib\wsconfig\jrun_iis6.dll).

      We are running the site on a Developer-license until we have verified that CF9 is ok to use. An option is to upgrade to CF2016, but we are uncertain on how compatible our CF-application-code is.


      If we copy in a index.html file with proper contents to the website root-directory, this file is showed in the normal way on an accessing client-browser.


      Does anyone have any ideas or comments on this?

      It would be most welcome.


      Regards, Erik