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    Action Script Error

      Hello everyone,
      I'm trying to research an errr my wife is getting when she test her flash movie.

      This is the error but everthng seems to be working fine.

      Location = symbol=symbol 3, layer =button
      Description = Mouse events are permitted only for button instances
      Source = on (release) { Source: on (release) {

      Can anyone help with this?

      Text Description Text
        • 1. Action Script Error
          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          There would appear to be some error with the use of button code in the layer called button, possibly for something that is not a button, or possibly the code is placed somewhere that it should not be placed.

          Can you describe what objects live in the button layer?

          Is there any frame on that layer that appears to have actionscript in it (a lower case "a" looking thing displays in the timeline frame itself)? That would be a potential suspect.