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    Adobe Color Needs Complete Overhaul

    briang48473173 Level 1

      This isn't the greatest place for this, but I can't find another way to submit suggestions.


      1. Why is the search function limited to All Themes? It would be great if I could search keywords in most popular if I wanted to, which I do.
      2. Rethink the publishing feature. Why do I need to see 8 of the exact same color theme? Of the first 50 themes served up only a small percentage of them are unique.
      3. When I save a theme, why does it take me to edit the theme in My Themes? I don't need to edit it, I just want to save it because I like it the way it is. If I want to edit it later I can do that as I wish. It's just a bit annoying to have to go back to the top of Explore to sift through multiples of the same color themes. It would be much friendlier if I could just add them to my library without leaving the current screen.


      I love the concept of this and the integration with libraries is fantastic, but this app has become cluttered and is headed for extinction.