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    lightroom slower in 2015.10 update

    mickspawn Level 1

      If it is even possible, i feel after updating to 2015.10 Lightroom is even slower than how dog slow it was before... what is going on Adobe?

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          dj_paige Level 10

          We're not Adobe here in this forum, we're just users like yourself.


          If you'd like some advice or help, you'd need to state exactly what actions in Lightroom are slow. And also state your operating system, hardware configuration (including monitor size in pixels) and size of your images (in pixels or megapixels, not megabytes)

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            daniels5829325 Level 1

            Just updated... and yes. Everything seems ridiculously slow. Not any particular action, but EVERYTHING.


            Open a single image, waiting for it fully load full resolution at 1:1 view - awful. 60 seconds, when it's usually 5-10 for large 50MB raw files.


            This is a dramatic change in performance that happened the instant the update finished installing.