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    Dreamweaver 2017.1 is now live

    Preran Adobe Employee

      What's new

      Dreamweaver CC 2017.1 provides additional coding support by including the following features:

      Support for PHP 7.1

      For more information on PHP 7.1 support, see the following articles:

      Improved find and replace

      This release includes important enhancements to the find and replace features.

      You can now search for attributes and tags using the Find and Replace dialog box (Find > Find and Replace in Files). You can use this dialog even if no files are open in Dreamweaver (searching within a folder, for instance).

      In addition, the Find and Replace Quick Find bar (Find > Find and Replace) is now moved to the bottom of the Dreamweaver workspace. Use this panel to quickly find and replace text and attributes within the current document.

      For more information on find and replace, see Find and replace text, tags, and attributes. For known issues with find and replace in Dreamweaver 17.1, see Known issues and defects fixed in Dreamweaver CC 2017 releases.

      New keyboard shortcuts for find and replace:

      • Find in Current Document: Ctrl + F (on Windows), and Cmd + F (on Mac)
      • Find and Replace in Files: Ctrl + Shift + F (on Windows), and Cmd + Shift + F (on Mac)
      • Replace in Current Document: Ctrl + H (on Windows), and Cmd + Alt + F (on Mac)

      For a complete list of find and replace keyboard shortcuts, see Find and replace keyboard shortcuts.

      We look forward to your feedback on these features.


      User reported bugs fixed in this update


      • Code in Code view disappears on copying text in Code view and switching to other app and coming back to DW
      • addModeClass is not set to True by default for code view themes.
      • PHP code hints are not displayed for all properties/methods in a class
      • Dreamweaver crashes on adding function call for "__halt_compiler()" in PHP code