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    Adobe Stock, no single purchase option

    Simon_Atterbury Level 1

      I'm trying to buy one specific image. I have tried from within InDesign, also via the Creative Cloud control panel and also via the website. When I select the image for purchase I am only presented with two subscription options not a single purchase option. I have seen lots of posts in the forum with similar issues but no definitive solution except for an engineer saying they will fix it and credit some free images.


      Does anyone know how you can purchase a single image without having to create a new account or ask a family member without a CC subscription to purchase on your behalf? It does seem crazy that an integrated asset supply system is so non functional. A year on from some of the first posts their seems no progress.


      To any Adobe sales / marketing people reading this, please note for a lot of us, buying stock images is a very rare occurrence as we mostly generate our own original content or commission original photography or illustration. Single purchasing works when you are only likely to use 2 or 3 stock images per year.


      Thanks in advance to anyone who comes up with a solution. In the meantime I'm going to try and source the image from another stock library.

      Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 13.53.13.png

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Simon,


          I understand your concern but unfortunately we do not offer any single image purchase.


          The smallest plan available is for 3 images/month.


          Please visit Adobe Stock pricing and membership plan | Adobe Stock


          Hope that helps!




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            Simon_Atterbury Level 1

            If single purchase is not available how come some people have been able to purchase single items? I have attached a grab from one of the Adobe forums that shows a single purchase option. Also can you explain this link on the Adobe website.


            Common Questions, Adobe Stock


            The first paragraph reads


            Adobe Stock is a service that provides designers and businesses with access to 60 million high-quality, curated, royalty-free photos, videos, illustrations, vector graphics, 3D assets, and templates for all their creative projects. The Adobe Stock service is built right into your favorite Adobe desktop apps, such as Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and InDesign CC, so you can search, browse, and add assets to your Creative Cloud Libraries, and get instant access to your assets across desktop and mobile devices. In Photoshop and Illustrator, to jump start your creative projects, you can even download asset-rich templates from Adobe Stock right within the New Document dialog boxes.

            You can purchase Adobe Stock on an as-needed basis as a single asset, or you can purchase a multi-asset subscription. A number of subscription packages are available.


            The phrase "purchase Adobe Stock on an as-needed basis as a single asset" suggests to me single purchase. This page was published on February 7th this year so just over 2 months ago. Has Adobe changed it's policy since then? Are single purchases only available in some territories i.e. USA and not Europe? If as you say there are no single purchase options available may I suggest that you remove any Adobe web pages that state the opposite to avoid confusion.


            Very annoying that I can't use your service even though at every opportunity Adobe gets you try and promote it to me.



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              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

              Simon, the phrase "purchase Adobe Stock on an as-needed basis as a single asset" means single purchase but that only happens when you already have a subscription in which you can license 1 image at a time.


              Also, I have checked the plans page for all the regions and we are offering the same set of plans for US, Europe and UK.


              Please refer Adobe Stock pricing and membership plan | Adobe Stock for the current plans available.


              Apologize for the trouble.

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                Simon_Atterbury Level 1

                I think you are mis reading the line it says


                "You can purchase Adobe Stock on an as-needed basis as a single asset, or you can purchase a multi-asset subscription. A number of subscription packages are available."


                So why would you purchase a single asset if you already have a subscription. If you are trying to say you can buy additional assets on top of your subscription then you need to change the wording in the sentence as its misleading.


                So looking at the forums you have been selling images without a subscription (the previously uploaded screen grab demonstrates this. In the link below  user mariaannamasta has a discussion with an Adobe moderator about her single purchase without having a subscription. Beverley Grey the Adobe moderator explains that Maria will not be charged a monthly subscription for her purchase, see link below.


                Single image purchase


                In a post from mhines1984 he asks how he can make a single purchase without a subscription. The Adobe moderator Beverley Grey again says


                "When you find an image that you want to license, the shopping cart option will take you to a page where you can pay for the single image e.g."


                Let us know if that doesn't work for you."


                See link below which includes the pic the Beverly uploaded showing the three purchase options of single option or 2 subscription options.

                How to purchase a single image?


                On the next post many users were discussing single purchase and some were able to do this using various options. I notice that both you and Beverley commented on this thread. Some people were still buying single images up until November.


                How/can I buy a single image (not a subscription)???


                My annoyance is that Adobe has not made it clear that you must have a subscription and you seem to be trying to deny that you ever had a single purchase scheme when you clearly had. So please ask your webmaster to update all pages that do not clearly state that you must have a subscription to use the service and get rid of any ambiguous language which will  also help you to avoid any potential trading standards issues


                I'll leave this thread now as nothing else can be done.

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                  Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                  On the 7th Feb, 2017 we replaced on-demand standard asset purchase with the 3 standard assets/month, monthly plan.


                  Premium images and videos are available to purchase on a single asset basis and are not part of the subscription plans.


                  Thank you for your feedback and sorry for any confusion caused.


                  Kind regards



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                    Hi Simon, I'm having all of the problems you have described above and my annoyance is that I have been purchasing single images for the last few years at £5.99 + VAT and BEYOND February 2017 too - the most recent one I purchased was about a month ago. Since then Adobe have 'cancelled' my 'subscription' for this and I was unable to update my card details - the only option given to me was to go and re-purchase a new pay monthly plan. As far as I was concerned it was never a 'subscription' but that as a CC member I was able to buy images singly at that price. So in fact what they've done is locked me out in order that I can no longer pay per image - my 'subscription' had not 'expired' as the payment plan suggested - I never had one!!

                    Their attitude over this is appalling. I do not want yet another monthly subscription to pay AS WELL as paying £50/month for Adobe software. Totally disgusted with the response and I have been sent around in circles trying to find a solution through 2 online chat sessions and one phone call - all of which were fruitless and have wasted me an entire afternoon. It would have been simpler if this was explained to me in the first chat session I had several hours ago. Not happy and will be spreading the word. I hope you found some better images elsewhere!

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                      twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

                      Dear Customers,


                      We are happy to announce our new offering- Credit Packs on Adobe Stock.


                      In the past, we had multiple queries related to Single image purchase- with the introduction of CREDIT PACKSyou can now purchase these credits from Adobe and use the Credits to buy images and videos as per your requirement. The validity for the purchased credits will be 1-year(exceptions Japan- validity for 6 months only).


                      As of now, we are offering 6 different CREDIT PACK sizes, there are further discounts available on larger credit packs.


                      So why wait- update the thread today to know more on CREDIT PACKS


                      Please see our offering for Credit packs here:

                      Adobe Stock pricing and membership plan | Adobe Stock

                      For more details read our FAQ:

                      Credit packs for Adobe Stock


                      Feel free to update this thread in case of any additional questions regarding CREDIT PACKS.




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                        grayclack Level 1

                        VERY unhappy with this! And also VERY misleading and incorrect information as I have been able to up until about a month ago purchase single images for around AUD $13.19. So on top of our CC subscriptions we now have to pay an additional subscription??? Will not be recommending Adobe Stock to anyone from here on out, this is a disgrace!

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                          AndrewHaynes Level 1

                          Adobe's strategy appears to be highly action oriented - driving loyal users to explore whole new solutions for both a tool suite and stock.  What a great way to alienate their previous client base.  Is this the start of the end?