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    Wierd problems with a CS3 timeline and it's navigation buttons

      Hi Guys,

      I'm doing a project for University and am having some real issues with navigation buttons not navigating properly.

      I'm an ex analyst programmer so no stranger to coding etc. but these problems really are confusing me.

      For example one part of the site brings up a 'movie' symbol. That symbol is a 'gallery' of pictures so when you click on a small thumbnail it jumps to the part of the timeline associated with that thumbnail and a twean expands the picture into a bit version.

      With a first button it was working fine but with 4 buttons it just misbehaves badly and I don't know why. Each button has a stop action in the action timeline then when you click on the button a 'behaviour' jumps to the relevant tag at which point the twean should activate then stop again when it's complete.

      It's not doing this, some buttons don't work (even the button that did work when I had it running on just one button ) and others work improperly. I'm not even sure it actually comes into the timeline at the right point as what's on the screen doesn't seem to correspond correctly.

      The level of scripting is low as it's a 'begineer' module but I'm happy with the concept of scripting so if I need to code to fix I can.
      The Scripting version is AS2 btw.