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    Compare Report blank--no changes found


      I am trying to compare two pdfs of a document I have revised.  Even in the previews when I first drag the documents into the spots to be compared, you can tell they are different, but when I click compare, it tells me zero changes are found, and scrolling down, everything is blank (the text is gone).  Any suggestions?

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          adeep93 Adobe Employee


          Greetings! I am sorry to hear that you are facing issues with the compare feature.


          It would be great if you could help us with a few queries that will help us in investigating the bug:

          •  What is the version of Acrobat Pro that you are using?

          •  Can you please share the files which you’re selecting as both ‘Old File’ and ‘New File’ so that we can try to reproduce the issue at our end?



          Adobe Acrobat Team.


          For getting the version of application (Acrobat)

          1. Click on 'Help' menu in application.

          2. Click on 'About Adobe Acrobat…'