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    Moving pages between documents automatically creates sections (InDesign CC 2017)

    jademacfarlane Level 1

      Every time I move pages between documents InDesign is automatically creating a new section with the numbering starting from 1 in each section.

      I could go and manually remove the Section every time I move a file  but I never used to have an issue moving documents and I have 50 files to move pages into one master document. The section is a problem because I want to do a Table of Contents on the final document.


      I've been working on multiple individual InDesign files that have been started from the exact same InDesign template file. The template has 3 masters applied.


      Things we've tried to troubleshoot the issue:

      • Changing master page prefix
      • Moving files between older documents I have previously merged without an issue
      • Creating new master pages
      • Removing all master pages
      • Trying to move pages between old documents
      • Starting an entirely new document with new master pages
      • Starting an entirely new document with no master pages applied
      • Turning on Preferences > General > Absolute Numbering – this doesn't work for me as it doesn't fix the Table of Contents


      At the end of my tether and every designer in my company has tried to fix this issue but we can't figure it out!

      (We're all pretty advanced in InDesign and one of us is Adobe Certified )