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    What's new in Adobe XD Beta 13 (April 19)

    Preran Adobe Employee

      New features on Windows

      In this beta update, the following new features have been added for Windows:

      • Masking: You can now use objects or shapes as masks to hide portions of your assets, and bring users' focus on interesting elements in your design.
      • Boolean operations: You can combine objects in your artboard using boolean operations. You can add, subtract, intersect, or exclude objects to create complex artwork for your designs.
      • Import assets from browsers: You can drag images directly from all modern browsers onto your artboards. You can also drag the images in to an object on an artboard. When you do so, the image size is automatically adjusted to fit the object. You can also copy an image from a browser and paste it in Adobe XD.


      You cannot import assets from Microsoft Edge by copying and pasting or by dragging assets into Adobe XD.

      Apart from these features, Adobe XD for Windows is now available in Japanese and Korean. During installation, the installer detects the operating system and installs the corresponding language version of Adobe XD.

      For more information on Adobe XD on Windows and supported features, see Adobe Experience Design on Windows.

      Recording format changes for prototypes


      In the previous Beta releases, you were able to record the preview and save them as .mov files. From this release onward, the recordings can be saved as .mp4 instead of .mov files.